Post Office sorts out location of Dorchester Hotel

I'm going to a travel product launch at the Dorchester Hotel later today. I know where the hotel is, but I was just wondering whether to aim for Marble Arch tube station, or maybe walk up from Hyde Park Corner (one less train change for me) so I quickly call up the wonderful Google Maps and type in 'Dorchester Hotel, London'.

It finds it instantly, but there's something wrong. Instead of being located just off Park Lane, Google puts the Dorchester just north of Oxford Street near Tottenham Court Lane.

Eh! Google.maps is not usually wrong.

Is it the right Dorchester Hotel? Yes.

Well, maybe the postcode is wrong? I go to the Dorchester's own website and check it. It is correct.

I enter just the postcode, and the marker goes to the same spot just north of Oxford Street between Rathbone Place and Newman Street (where the ABTA offices are, I know it well!). Bizarre! I switch to satellite view. The marker is in the centre of a large building. I zoom in... and the rows of red vehicles give it away! It's that bloody great Royal Mail sorting office that all the vans whizz in and out of on Newman Street!

Obviously the Dorchester has its own PO Box there!


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