Daft bag rules

LOL! Even the ferries are getting in on the act now.

I've just been sent a puffer press release from a PR agency on behalf of Irish Ferries, using the risible airline baggage rules as an example of why you should go by sea instead...

One bag or two? No problem for ferry travellers

It looks like the airlines forgot to make a New Year’s Resolution to improve their customer service in 2008.

Hot on the heels of the confusion over hand-baggage – with the lunatic situation, for example, of being able to take two items into the cabin from Heathrow to Jersey but only bring one back – comes the Holiday Which? report on the ‘extras’ still being charged to customers by airlines.

Says Declan Mescall, Head of Passenger Sales for award-winning Irish Ferries: “Certain airlines are charging up to £20 just to check luggage into the hold – some even charging to use the check-in desk – as well as additional costs for fast-boarding services.

“Compare this with the transparency – and ease – of travelling by ferry. With Irish Ferries there are no hidden extras; once the ticket is purchased there’s no charge for baggage handling and holidaymakers can bring as much luggage as the car can hold!

“With air fuel surcharges, long check-in times (our ferry check-in time is just 30 minutes), plus the cost of airport parking and car hire, surely travelling by air just doesn’t stack up where there are viable options for travelling on modern, comfortable ferries.”

I'm not sure how firmly their arguments stack up, but they are absolutely right to deride the ridiculous bag situation at airports.

Next week, I and a bunch of colleagues are flying to Malta for a meeting, from a number of different airports in the UK. Depending which airport, some of us will be able to take two carry-on items, some only one.

I'm flying from Heathrow so I can take two, but as in the example above, only one bag on the return flight from Valetta.

The terrorists must be 'roflmao' - rolling on the floor laughing their arses off!


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