The Good, The Bad, and the Plain Ugly Brand Names


British Airways have definitely won the prize for 'Good Brand name' with their new subsidiary transatlantic airline, OpenSkies. I see one American journalist describing it as "a nod to the treaty that will give airlines more flexibility in planning trans-Atlantic routes beginning March 28".

Hah! I think (on this side of the Atlantic at least) we all see it as a humorous 'nod' to the US authorities who have fought tooth and nail to protect their own airlines and keep the skies above their nation firmly closed (or at least highly restricted) to outsiders for the last 60 years!


For the 'Bad Brand Name'... I return to a post I made in May about the new travel brand re-using the domain of world's most famous dot com crash. What can they have been thinking of???


This one stopped me in my tracks this morning as I was writing up some bargain news. It's certainly not unique. I see this kind of thing quite often, and particularly in the hotel industry with its endless takeovers and re-branding.

Intercontinental The Barclay Hotel New York Yea, that rolls off the tongue real easy! "Cabbie! Take me to the Intercontinental The Barclay Hotel!"


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