Travel company database updated -phew!

Phew! Gasp!

That's the sound of me finally coming up for air at the end of the annual TID update. Now, at last I can concentrate a bit more on Travel Lists!

The Travel Industry Database (TID) is the British Guild of Travel Writers' online database of travel companies & organisations, travel PR companies, travel media, and tourist offices & organisations - in total 2765 of them. It is used by travel journalists and travel industry professionals and each year in the autumn every single record is checked & updated before the database is used to compile the listings section of the guild's yearbook.

I'm the one who drew the 'short straw' and has to oversee that operation, which means other jobs, like Travel Lists, take a back seat :(

...but the 'up side' is that it does keep me up to date with who is doing what in the industry, and there have been quite a few 'discoveries' which, as a result, made it onto the TID.....and Travel Lists.


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