Austrian Airlines - Hooray for the pioneers!

You know, Austrian Airlines are amazing.

I first realised it years ago (mid-nineties) when they invited me on their inaugral flight to Odessa on the Black Sea. Not only did I get to walk down the famous Battleship Potemkin steps, I also met Hobart Earle the, then, young and enthusiastic American conductor of the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, who were on the brink of being 'discovered'.

It was a heady time. Ukraine, like much of Eastern Europe, was just opening up and the atmosphere was exciting and optimistic.

And Austrian Airlines was a part of that. In fact, they were doing the opening up. They were pioneering all the new routes into eastern Europe that other airlines then followed.

...and they are still doing it.

I read today that Austrian Airlines are launching a sixth route into Romania, this time to a remote city in the north - Baia Mare, capital of the Maramures region.

Go Austrian!


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