Social Media News Release

I've been watching the development of the Social Media News Release (SMNR) for what seems like ages now - probably a couple of years.

Several PR industry gurus, mostly in the USA, have been heralding its birth as the new generation multimedia press release for journalists living in the Web 2.0 world.

The prototype template for an SMNR was created by Shift Communications and combines AV clips, social tags, blog links and all the latest social media paraphenalia so that a press release becomes a sort of living/growing entity in its own right.

Some major US companies like General Motors are reported be using them, but I've not really seen a classic example of one with all its facilities being exploited....until now.

Here is an SMNR released by Webitpr for ITV2's winter schedule

I have been periodically briefing a couple of friends in the travel PR sector (who are particularly switched on to new media) about the development of the SMNR so I'm really hoping that sometime soon we can see how this format could be used for travel industry clients... particularly since one of the attributes of the SMNR is that it doesn't just disseminate news to the journalist, but to the public too.


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