The Expert in "Expert Travel Directory"

I got an email yesterday from a marketing executive at a ski company with two well-known and longstanding ski brands.

She hoped I didn't mind her pointing out that my listings notes for her brands were factually wrong and could she suggest some updates.

Absolutely not! I love it (really!) when companies write in to correct or update stuff. Anything that makes my job easier...!

My listings said that her company was part of another major ski company and that one of their brands had reduced its portfolio of resorts to 17 from over 30 two seasons ago when they also featured North America.

"We have never been part of xxx Holidays" she wrote, "and (our brand) has never offered North America nor had 30+ resorts in the brochure".

I used her suggestions and updated the listings, but I also replied asking out of curiosity if she was absolutely sure. I could have made an error about the ownership but it was extremely unlikely I would write about resorts & countries if I wasn't looking at their brochure...


I was right. I've just had a reply.

They did have a programme featuring 30+ resorts in North America, and while I was wrong about the ownership, it turns out it's a common mistake because the company is owned by former xxx Holidays staff.

So when we describe Travel Lists as an "expert directory"......we mean 'expert'!

So 'expert' in fact, we sometimes know travel companies better than they know themselves.


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