Brothel statistics

Lol or cry? Not sure which...

I've just this second had a call from a woman at a PR company (don't know which) wanting to know the visitor stats for No prob, but she had to wait for a few secs while I extracted last month's Unique Visitors figure.

She sounded a little deflated when I revealed that it was just over 5,000....and so did I.

When I put the phone down I scrolled back to this point last year. The monthly unique visitors then were regularly over 17,000.

What happened? Google.

I've blogged about it before. The long-anticipated Google crackdown on paid links & directories began to bite in Sept last year. Google can't distinguish between good directories and bad ones, and thinks any directory with a payment mechanism is evil.

It's a bit like running a legit massage parlour. People (Google) still assume its a brothel.


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