P&O Cruises in yer face

I like P&O Cruises.

It's a good cruise line and I've known them since the Lord Sterling / Gwyn Hughes days when David Dingle (the now MD) was a young whipper-snapper .... well, actually he was the Marketing Director, but it doesn't sound as good!

But not this morning, I don't. No warm fuzzy feelings towards the brand this morning because they crossed the line.

Let me quote one of the Travel-Lists.co.uk mission statements about limiting the amount and type of advertising across the site...

4) Ease-of-use

Our 'lite' design is fast and simple to navigate. Alexa.com says we are: "Very fast. 89% of sites are slower". The reason is, it has no graphics, images are limited to thumbnail size pictures on the news pages only, and we have limited, text-only advertising - with no irritating pop-ups, pop-unders, on-mouseovers, or get-in-your-face-ers, cos like you, we hate the f**king things! (Hold on! You don't think that's a bit, gratuitously extreme? - Ed) ....... um..... no.

P&O Cruises in-yer-face web advertTake a look at this 'get-in-your-face-er' on my yahoo mail this morning. Not only is it there, it is an animated clip, with a temporary, on then off, close button in the top right corner. Can't see it? That's because in its dormant state, it is not visible.

It is almost impossible to avoid clicking on this ad in an attempt to get rid of it.

(At least I assume it is almost impossible. For me it was impossible. I could not close it without being taken to P&O's screen. I was unable to read my mail.)

Shame on you, David Dingle. Don't you guys know how the new web works? How in Web2.0 the relationship between advertiser and audience is much more balanced, natural and based on consent?

FOFO! as they say

(Fix-it Or F**** Off)


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