- the triumph of design over practicality

Something very rare indeed happened to me last night.

  • I was watching television - that in itself is a pretty rare occurance.

  • A commercial break started - Cue to go do something else, except this time I didn't.

  • I saw a car advertisement - No matter. I'm not in the least bit interested by cars.

  • ... for a Mitsubishi - Woah! Wait a minute! I AM interested by this one. It looks excellent!
(OK, here comes the sales manager's wet dream moment)

  • Ping! A light comes on somewhere in a dark and unused corner of my small brain. In Homer Simpson 'Duff Beer' voice I say to myself: " find out more..."

  • I go to the computer, do a search and arrive at Mitsubishi website. Search for the model and...

  • ...find that the page won't load because it needs some wizzy plugin that my completely up-to-date computer can't download for some reason.

  • Try twice .... give up.

A classic example of how not to try to sell something on the web - make the website too complicated for its own good.


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