Adventures in the Far East - you heard it here first

I went to the AITO summer press party last night (usually an outdoor BBQ at a London hotel, with the option to quickly move indoors if needed - and surprisingly, given our horrible weather at the moment, it wasn't needed!) and met up with several friends and aquaintances from both sides of the fence; travel journos & tour operators.

As a result I've got two 'tip-offs' for you this morning.

Inside Japan Tours (who specialise in just one thing - guess what! You can listen to their director, Simon King, talking to me a couple of years ago about how the company got are developing their 'Responsible Tourism' programme and are planning to offer working farm holidays on a Japanese farm in the rural south. It's not in their brochure yet, or even on a press release, but if you are interested you should give them a call.


KE Adventure Travel, (rated by the National Geographic's Adventure Magazine as the Best Trekking Operator On Earth) who operate small group trekking, climbing, family & biking tours in the mountainous regions of the world (over 40 countries), will be adding trips to the mountains of Taiwan next year, and winter activities on Lake Baikal in Russia. Again no detailed info. It won't appear in the brochure till October.


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