'All Business Class' not dead

Titan Airways Boeing 737-300QCThe "All Business Class" airlines may have died (Maxjet, Eos, Silverjet) but that doesn't mean the end of all business class flights....or the demand for them

Titan Airways, a Stansted-based charter airline presented its newly configured 44-seat all-business class Boeing 737-300QC to some air charter brokers last week and say the response was unanimously positive.

Apparantly the aircraft has been in the Titan fleet for a year, but flying in a single class 130-seat layout. Now, after a three month reconfiguration, it features just 44 seats in a spacious business class layout.

The new layout is designed with corporate charters in mind - incentives, product launches, music tours and football charters. (One well known premiership team has already flown on the aircraft, they say.) It features two club-four seat arrangements at the front, with a coffee table that can convert to a full working/dining table for each club-four setting. A fixed divider separates these seats from the rest of the cabin, which has 36 forward facing seats with a seat pitch of approximately 62 inches – almost twice that of your average 737.

Each leather seat has a moveable headrest and footrest, ample recline and in-seat power connectivity for laptops, electrical equipment or inflight entertainment. Titan uses Mezzo hand held multi-channel units which play include a selection of films, short features and documentaries.

However, here's the clever twist... technically speaking, the aircraft is not exclusively Business Class.

It turns out, all the seats are palletised on a roller track and are removed inside one hour enabling the aircraft to undertake night flights for the Royal Mail. Clever eh? The seats are kept safe overnight in one of Titan’s hangars.


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