Holidays more important to Brits than home ownership

I was talking to some friends on Sat evening about the state of the world in general (as yer do) and the economic downturn in particular.

"How is the travel business fairing?" they asked.

"Pretty well" I said. "I know a couple of tour operators who are very happy with bookings last month - well up on the same period last year."

Confused looks. This was not the answer they were expecting.

"No, really!" I said, "People always assume that one of the first things that families cut back on is holidays...when in fact it is one of the last".

A couple of my mates clearly still didn't quite believe it.

How I wish I had had to hand the survey stats that Travel Daily alerted me to this morning (though it turns out I could have had them. The survey that Travel Daily says was published "today", was actually published in May!).

The survey into 'Summer Travel Trends' was conducted by the travel search engine The sample numbers are frankly too small to give it any kind of serious consideration, but the general trend is easy enough to discern...

Q. Is taking a holiday at least once a year essential for your overall state of wellbeing/happiness?

A. 100% say 'yes'.

Q. Out of the following, which 5 things do you consider most important for your wellbeing?

Drinking /eating out once a week 61%
Being in a romantic relationship 58%
Having the latest gadgets 2%
Having private healthcare/pension 22%
Owning my own car 15%
Affording a hobby (eg gym membership) 76%
Shopping for clothes 44%
Having children 22%
Taking a holiday at least once a year 95%

Well that's pretty clear isn't it!


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