Gold plated travel protection

Good move on AITO's part. 

With financial prudence on everyone's mind as we dive - perhaps 'crash' is a better word - headlong into 2009, they are launching a campaign to remind us that their members' holidays are fully protected.

"Do you realise", their release asks, "that if you book a holiday direct with:
• Hotel only, you may not be covered
• Charter flight only, you probably will be covered
• Scheduled flight only, you are not covered
• A self-drive element, you may not be covered
• A rail/coach element, you may not be covered
• A company by credit card, you may not be covered
One sure way of knowing your holiday is fully protected is by booking with an AITO member."

and I love the way they tip toe around the opposition...

"The financial protection offered by AITO members is well in excess of legal requirements and far superior to that offered by some travel associations, which have been diluted in recent years." (my italics)

um...could that be other 4-letter travel associations beginning with A and ending with A....? ;)


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