Virgin West Coast may finally live up to its aspirations

You might suppose that Sir Richard Branson had NOT signed a faustian pact, in order to have the kind off bad luck his railway company - and its passengers - have had to endure in the last couple of weeks.

No sooner than the bulk of the track improvements on the West Coast Line have been completed than a continuous spate of electrical failures, floods, landslides, etc, etc, etc.

Anyway, a Virgin Rail grown-up told me this evening. THIS is going to finally be their year. In the spring, the frequency and timetables are being ramped up (What! You mean there wasn't a daily London-Glasgow service before??) and  a major marketing campaign starts on 18 May.

Good luck, to them. Ever since Virgin started investing in that route, it's been a long and painfully slow build up. City of London spivs, pay attention! Not all investments pay off in 3 years. 


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