Ubi Bessarabia?

Anyone remember UBI, the geographical quiz board game invented by the Trivial Pursuit people? The name, 'ubi', is the latin word for 'where'.

....but I digress. That's not the reason for the post (just a pathetic geeky introduction!)

Yesterday I was on a job recording podcast interview clips at a well-known cultural tour operator. One of the tour leaders I recorded was talking about her next tour destination - Bessarabia.

Yeah! Me too! lol

After 21 years of travel journalism my geography is pretty darn excellent but I had to turn to Wikipedia for that one!

If you know the answer (ubi Bessarabia?) give yourself a smug pat on the back.
If not (and it's nowhere near the Middle East, by the way) the answer is here: Wikipedia - Bessarabia


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