Does Berlin Artists' hotel have the solution to room safe thefts?

Art installation by Savage at Hotel MarienbadThe Italian newspaper La Stampa reports that last week's high profile hotel thefts on Sardinia involved the removal of room safes that were only held in place by polyfilla.

In the raids, both at hotels in the Iti Hotels chain, a Saudi princess is reported to have lost jewelry and cash worth 11 million euros and a Moroccan businessman lost 150,000 euros.

A third raid in Portofino on the Italian mainland saw the removal of another room safe with €1 million of jewelry and €3,000 cash belonging to a German guest.

So maybe an art installation in a hotel in Berlin, featured in the Guardian yesterday isn't so daft after all! ;)

The Scottish artist Savage (born in Glasgow in 1978) stayed in Hotel Marienbad last summer and left the safe installation. "Safe deposit boxes are not unusual in hotels. They protect the riches of the revered guests from theft. But what happens if the safe is stolen and the guests themselves turn to thieves?"


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