"London Oxford Airport" - they're having a laugh aren't they?

Go to the Oxford Airport website and you'll see they have just re-badged themselves as a London airport!


It has taken many years for me to sometimes refer to Luton as "London Luton" and I only finally did so because I realised it is a few miles nearer London than Stansted, which I have always considered to be a London airport, largely because it was only there in the middle of the countryside for one purpose (to be a London airport) and has a dedicated rail link....and it still sticks in my throat!

London airports (the only ones that will ever be refered to by me as London airports)...
  • Heathrow
  • Gatwick
  • Stansted
  • City

Borderline cases...
  • Luton
  • Biggin Hill
  • Northolt

Absolute no-no's...
  • Oxford
  • Ashford


Sarah Lee said…
London Gatwick has been pushing the envelope for years. It's in Sussex - as equidistant to Brighton as it is London! How can you accept that as a London airport and not give Luton any credibility. Thameslink and other regular train services get you into town, in around 30 mins, or its a quick drive on the now wider M1.
Agree re London Oxford though - really, that's just ridiculous!
onliner said…
Hi Sarah,

Yeah, I agree. It's not a very scientific definition, and it's pretty subjective too. I'm just letting my prejudices show.

LHR & LGW were the two "London" airports for years. Then, while Luton was the Lorraine Chase charter airport (they'll hate me for that!), Stansted was built to be the third 'proper' (scheduled services) London airport.

But of course the aviation world changed with low-cost. Luton became a 'proper' airport too and started marketing itself as London Luton.

Fair enough now...it seemed daft back then!
Sarah Lee said…
Those were the days when Luton was Lorraine Chase charter territory!? I'm lucky enough to be close to lots of major and smaller airports (except Gatwick - perhaps showing my prejudice!), and Luton has really come on with the growth of the low-costs. But I guess the London *insert city miles from the capital* thing is part of the low-cost landscape - i.e. Barcelona Girona - a whopping 56 miles from the city!!

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