World's first compact camera with a built-in projector

Nikon Coolpix S1000PJSomebody at Nikon had an inspired 'flash-of-genius' moment...

No more friends & rellies (Let's talk strine!) crowding around you to glimpse the photo you just took on a tiny screen that will switch off in a few secs to preserve the precious batteries.
Instead, you click a switch and project it onto the nearest wall! Brilliant! (...though the batteries may not be all that pleased!)

The latest camera in their Coolpix range, the S1000PJ* is a 12.1 megapixel compact camera with lots of wizzy technology... including a built in projector that will throw an image between 13-100cm in size at a distance of 2 metres. At 10 lumens, it's not going to be the brightest image you ever saw, but it's still pretty revolutionary stuff.

* Lol! I think I have one of the first in the range, a Coolpix 900 - very ancient!


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