Chinese coming to play in adventure park... land

You know that long-anticipated transfer of 'world dominant power' status from the USA to China?

Well, if not militarily, or economically or in space, here's another small example of where that could be happening - the adventure park industry, where the big names, until now, have all been American: Universal Studios, Six Flags, and of course the daddy of them all, Disney.

It seems we may be adding a new name to the list - Fantawild.

Fantawild is a Chinese adventure park company, with a Disney-like modular approach to building large adventure parks comprising multiple theme parks. Their Fantawild Adventure park just outside Wuhu on the Yangste delta is the world's largest adventure park by land area (1.25m sq m).

Since it opened one and a half years ago, over 3 million people have visited. And they have more parks on the way - a second theme park, Wuhu Fanta Dream Kingdom, in Wuhu and three Fantawild Adventures in other provinces, with the first, Taishan Mountain Fantawild Adventure Park, opening next May.

"Yeah, but that's just a domestic start-up adventure park company" I hear you say, "Disney and the others are international".

So will be Fantawild. Iran Fantawild in Esfahan is already under construction and work is due to start any moment now on another Fantawild Adventure park outside Johannesburg in South Africa. According to China Daily, other countries such as the Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and Russia have also have shown interest in Fantawild.


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