Twitter crash - was it going too fast?

Hehe. I just went to post something on Twitter and got a 503 error - No available server. After a couple more tries I noticed the time.

Duh! Of course!

It has just passed "the moment" 09:09:09 on 09/09/09

I'm just guessing here, but where would thousands of people who wanted to mark, celebrate, comment on "the moment" go to do just that? Twitter! I bet it was swamped.

But it highlights an interesting phenomenon - the way Twitter has become the home of our water cooler conversations. I wouldn't be posting this fairly trivial observation here, if Twitter was up. It's a micro-blog topic. Not a full-service blog topic.

Amazing how quickly Twitter has become woven into the fabric of our (my) routines.


Postscript: Hmmm no mention of a crash from my fellow twitterers, but I see #why09 is a trending topic. It just occured to me, that was British Summer Time. In just over ten minutes it'll be 09:09:09 09/09/09 GMT for anyone who takes these things seriously. I wonder if Twitter will fall over again...or maybe it was just me?


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