Playcation - A short break to play with words

Somebody* suggested, in a kind of Dr Samuel Johnson moment, the "-cations" should be collected and recorded for posterity.

If you think that's a good idea, it was mine.

If you think it's a very BAD idea... it was * @alexbainbridge !

It all started with @neilmac 's tweet: Greycationers?!? Please no. Enough.

Definition Culprit
Yaaycationer Exuberant holidaymaker @alastairmck
Vocationer Someone who has a calling to go on holiday @alexbainbridge
Catcationer Someone who takes cat with them @alexbainbridge
Maycationer Un-decided holidaymaker @alastairmck
Claycation Pottery holiday @clivetully
Naycation Definitely no holiday @firstpr
Faycation Fairytale holiday @alastairmck
Delaycation Domestic holiday by London Midland railway @alastairmck
Altercationer Lagered-up stag traveller @NickRedmayne
Flaycation Kinky S&M resort holiday @neilmac
Laycation 18-30s holiday @mrdavidwhitley
Haycation Farmstay @mrdavidwhitley
Braycation Donkey rides at Blackpool @mrdavidwhitley
Meleecation Battle re-enactment holiday (well, it works out loud) @john_oates
Dismaycation Rained out holiday @alastairmck
Praycation Religious retreat holiday @CliveTully
Wa-heycation Sex tourism @CliveTully
Embarcation Start of a cruise holiday ;) @alastairmck
Vaguecation Not sure where to go on holiday @sarahmagnetic

If you have got any more you want to get off your chest, pse add them below.

But don't tell @matthewteller whose response to the whole thing was...



Luxury Travel said…
What about a que-cation for those Spanish waiters holidaying in the West Country...? ;-)

Paul (@luxury__travel)

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