50% visitor increase - hooray

The Travel-Lists redesign which launched on 6th June seems to have had a big impact on stats at least, if not the bottom-line.

I only got the visitor tracking module started on 10th June so I have a week of missing numbers for unique visitors, and I should be doing this tomorrow (1st July) so I have a day (today) missing at the end of the month too, but if I take the daily average unique visitors for the remaining days of the month (503), multiply it for the missing 10 days (5,030) and add it to the monthly total (10,373), I get over 15,000 unique users for June 05.

I can't compare unique users month-on-month because I didn't have them before. The old design wouldn't let the tracking module code work. But I can compare pageviews. Adding averages of 3,377 per day for two missing days (today and a day at the beginning of the month when the stats server went down) I get 108,082 pageviews for June.

May's pageviews were 72,136 so the increase (35,946) is 49.8%.

Quite a change.


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