Bye Bye WAP

I've been providing content for WAP phones (and in a simple xhtml format for other mobile devices) for over a year now.... and I've had enough! Too much extra work for no income!

The WAP pages are supposed to sell (through at .20p for access, but there has been little interest even with the site listed on numerous WAP directories.

The great micro-payment fortunes talked about, and promised to those who get on board the mobile Internet, do appear to exist, but only for those who sell ringtones and porno pictures.

I started with a sub-section of around thirty travel directory pages, but it was a nightmare to maintain and didn't get much interest so I then tried just a simple page of 'Travel Bargains and Late Availability tip-offs'. Still no interest.

I should have dropped it ages ago but my plan had been to convert the whole Travel-Lists directory to xml and then apply an xslt stylesheet to render them for each platform - normal web, xhtml mobile and WAP. Unfortunately I discovered that Google Adsense won't work in XML (see blog on Google & xml) and since Google ads are a revenue stream, unlike WAP, I abandoned that project.

So, bye bye WAP


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