Finding the perfect listing

One of my favourite things is finding a specialist travel company that I hadn't heard of before.

With the arrogance of a journalist whose been covering the travel industry since 1988, (and one who runs the BGTW's Travel Industry Database) I tend to think I know of pretty much every UK operator in some of the niche markets... and then up pops a company that's been around for several years offering something a bit special, that I didn't know about.

So then I think (same arrogance) that if I hadn't heard of them, not many other people will have either (!) and I can't wait to tell them... with Hermione Graingeresque arm-waving zeal - "oh! oh! Sir? Please..."

Yesterday's discovery was Foot Trails, a small business in the South-West run ("passionately" as Alison says) by Alison & David Howell.
They offer gentle guided or self-guided walking weekends and holidays staying in character inns and cosy hotels.

The classic example of a perfect listing for Travel-Lists


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