That's the way to do it

I've come over all 'Punch & Judy'... That's the way to do it!

I got an emailed press release from Ian Briggs at the London Luton airport press office at 11.00am about their new departure lounge which they opened this morning. The release is dated 9.00am, 1st July (today) and has photos taken in the lounge at 05.30am.

When I went to check something else at their airport website, I passed by their Press & PR page, which - lo and behold - already has that same press release posted on it.

Well done London Luton! The Internet as it should be used.

Compare and contrast with Rough Guides. I came across a little news item earlier this morning about them publishing some electronic guides. When I went to the press page on their website the latest press release was from 2004! And there's no contact info for their press office.

"Oh I know", said Demelza, their press officer when I phoned her and mentioned it. "We're in dispute with the guy who posts the releases for us."

She sounded a bit embarrased. She should be.


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