Why are so many visitors confused?

It's not good. A website should not be confusing, but I cannot understand why so many people seem confused about what Travel-Lists is.

I don't think I can make it any clearer. The site headline title describes it: Independent Travel Directory.

The header above the home page directory (laid out in the traditional time-honoured online directory style) says: Directory of Travel Companies.

I've even got a navigation button in pole position captioned 'What is it?' that takes you to a full-on explanation of what it is, and notably, what it isn't.

So why do I get so many emails (nearly always from overseas) wanting to do business with what they take to be a travel agency or tour operator?

It's a recurring theme for me (see previous posting) in this case because I've had two such emails this morning, and just now a phone call from somebody wanting to make a booking or something to a U.S. tennis tournament!

"Isn't this a travel agency?" he asked when I sounded confused by his question. I wish now I had interrogated him more closely to see what exactly made him think it was.

In the past, I've assumed that, because the majority come from non-english-speaking countries they are really wanting to get into the directory but only have one catch-all business enquiry email translated into English... so they send that.


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