UN-ELECTABLE Naming the muppets who voted for the Digital Economy Bill

UN-ELECTABLE: Tony McNulty (Lab, Harrow East). This man voted for the Digital Economy Bill / Act. Bye bye #deact #debill #ge2010 #ukelection Pse RT

UK Election 2010 Ballot BoxI started posting tweets like the one above the day after the Digital Economy Bill was rushed through its 2nd reading during the "wash up" in a Labour + Tory stitch-up. I've been posting them in drips & drabs in quiet moments and should be finished in time for Election Day.

It's not that I was opposed to the whole bill. Far from it. Nor do I entirely disagree with the need to curb pirating. (See previous post)

But this bill was the latest and last in a long chain of BAD legislation created on behalf of vested interests and their powerful lobbies, and then voted through by a bunch of whipped MPs too ignorant and arrogant to know better.

This is not the most outragious, significant or important legislation demanded by American politicians & businessmen, by the City, by manufacturers, by the CBI, or other vested/establishment interests, and supplied by a compliant Labour government in the face of direct opposition by British citizens (ONE MILLION marched against the Iraq war ffs!).... but it's a classic example, and it happened right on the eve of an election. Pay back time. This time we have a voice.

So my small, self-assigned mission is to name every single one of the MPs who voted for the bill.

They knew what they were doing. They were aware how controversial this bill was, but they trooped into the lobby under the watchful gaze of the whips all the same. Only a small but significant number of heroic back-benchers were brave enough to stand up for what was right or made any sense at all.

I want the Labour, and handful of Tory, drones to know that their actions did not go un-noticed.

Anybody searching twitter for their name or their constituency, or following an election hashtag, might come across my post, or somebody re-tweeting it. Their activists might. Their opposition might. And, if just one voter sees it and thinks twice about voting for them, it will have been
worth it. It's my tiny contribution to the election.

And yes, I am aware that some of the MPs named are no longer standing. That's great. One less muppet to worry about.

OK. Why get bothered about the Digital Economy Act (as it is now)? Here is some background reading for you...


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