Virginmedia nightmare

Having one of those grisly nightmare times with Virginmedia.

For those of you who've been trying to connect with me... my broadband dropped out at lunchtime. I wasn't too bothered because it did that earlier this week but came back after 30 mins.

Then I decided to phone and just see if they knew what the problem was and how long they thought it might take to be sorted out.

1) The techie took all my details (phone number, post code, address, name, etc) but decided she couldn't carry on if I didn't know my account number, so she would have to hand me to Customers Services.

2) The Customer services guy could identify me from that same info. Then he told me I had been cut off because I hadn't paid my bill.

WHAAT! That can't be right!

... long story, short.... It wasn't right. (I did owe them one months payment which either was, or wasn't, due - I couldn't get much sense out of him - but was nowhere near 'cut off' time) He put he through to "Collections" to sort it out.

3) The "collections" woman was the first person who made any sense (she was also, I think, the first person not in a call centre in India) she apologised for the previous muppet, confirmed that there was no overdue payment and no "service restrictions" on my account. They had not cut me off. (Just to be extra sure I paid the current bill through her directly there & then!)

4) She refered me back to another woman techie (in India). This time I was told to un-power my modem so she could send it a signal. Then she asked me to start un-plugging and re-plugging cables. So she clearly thinks the fault is with me (despite the fact I have done nothing to it and it has been operating just as normal as it has for the last 5 years).

Then she says she'll have to send out a technician. Oh God no!

"Later today?" (it's Thursday)



"No. That is not acceptable"

"Well, call back in 2 hours and there might be a cancellation"

So, I've had to pull out my desperately slow T-mobile mobile modem to try and get some connectivity, and I hoping it'll all connect up again because I'm sure it's a Virginmedia fault.

***Update: 19.03pm Thurs**
My heart sinks.

I phoned Virginmedia techies again.

Another 30mins crawling about in the dark under my desk disconnecting router - power down - power up - reconnecting one cable - turn around cable ends - disconnect modem input - disconnect modem - reconnect - power up - check ipconfig - etc -etc -etc

To be told... "It's not us. It's your computer. Call your supplier"

"!! ...........But this is a block of 80 new flats, all connected to Virginmedia, and just like me at least two others lost their broadband at lunchtime and are being told by Virginmedia, it's their computers"

But he's not having it.

So I'm now stuck in limbo for at least four days. All I can hope is that one of my neighbours has better luck than me.


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