Virginmedia nightmare Pt2 - What I want...

Well, well, well...

What a surprise! At around 22.00BST my broadband connection is miraculously restored.

So, let's summarise...

12 hours ago I was working normally and suddenly my Virginmedia broadband connection went.

No biggie - it's pretty reliable (in fact, hat's off to them for keeping a really complex network so stable) but it goes sometimes.

I phoned up a couple of hours later to see how long the breakdown would be.

The details are in the last post, but the summary is...

Virginmedia do anything but consider there may be a fault at their end.

1) They blame me for not paying a bill - quickly established as not true

2) Then they say it's a problem at my end and they'll have to send an engineer in FIVE days time.

3) Then when I try to get it speeded up, they say it's definitely not them, despite my pointing out that my neighbours were experiencing the same thing. It is my computer. Contact my supplier!

10 hours later the connection that is "not broken"... miraculously heals itself! Green lights across the modem.

I don't want "compensation". I don't want a discount voucher, or anything financial.

I don't even want an apology.

What I want is the last guy, the Indian technician that told me SO patronisingly, like I was a child, that my computer was broken, to acknowledge that I was right. He was wrong. IT WAS A VIRGINMEDIA NETWORK CONNECTION FAILURE.

However an apology is due to the other 80+ flat-owners in this block, all connected to cable, of whom 11 have confirmed to me that they also lost broadband and were given the same answers - apparently we can expect a deluge of Virginmedia engineers on Tues!

*** Afterthought ***

Oh, and by the way any Virginmedia peeps reading this...

We've been lobbied a few times recently to introduce Sky here. I forget how many flats they need to sign up, but any more cock-ups like this and you could lose your monopoly here.


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