CIMTIG awards are important for everyone

Casey Mead & Lewis Shields from Flagship ConsultingA big CONGRATULATIONS to Virgin Atlantic for winning Travel Brand of the Decade... and to all the other winners this evening...including Flagship Consulting (photo).

For travel consumers and travel journalists/bloggers the marketing awards given by the Chartered Institute of Marketing - Travel Industry Group (CIMTIG) may seem boring and irrelevent, but this is important/influential stuff.

Only today I received a round-robin email from a national tourist office asking for advice, opinions and examples of what makes a good tourism org website because they are about to update theirs.

Well, tonight Black Tomato won Best Travel Website. Ok, it's a tour operator not a destination, but it's now a benchmark.

Eg. "Give me an example of a really good travel company website".... er, well, Black Tomato by definition.

And that means you - the journo/blogger or consumer - will encounter more travel company websites structured, styled and with content like Black Tomato, more online ad campaigns like Tourism Ireland's & TV ad campaigns like Visit Wales, and (thankfully) cheeky & stylish 'rockstar' marketing like Virgin Atlantic.

Now tell me that isn't important.


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