Time to get connected


I'm becoming an evangelist for Poken.com (maybe I should ask for a commission or something!).

I'd really like to see the travel industry press and PRs using Poken regularly at press events, product launches and other travel trade gatherings. In fact, I'd go further than that: I think every day Pokens (not sure what the plural is) are not 'part of the furniture' at travel industry gatherings is a social media marketing/networking opportunity lost - and let's face it, there are 1 - 3 travel media events every working day in London alone.

Poken say they will discount for bulk (but they are a bit slow to talk detail), so maybe all it will take to achieve critical mass is a few innovative sponsors to start dropping them in goody bags.

To get a real sense of what can be done with them, see the video in this recent blog post: http://blog.poken.com/2011/01/31/poken-included-in-mcis-annual-meeting-of-worldwide-event-planners/

Maybe we should all be wearing those Italian jeans! ;)


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