Hands up if you didn't know Delicious is under threat

Back in December, Yahoo announced they were restructuring (downsizing) some of their services, including the popular bookmarking tool Delicious.com (I'm sure it used to be del.icio.us when it first launched, didn't it?), which they plan to either sell or close down.

So there's a good chance somebody may take it over if they can see a way of 'monetising' (I hate that word so much) it. This is what Delicious said at the time.

It's worth noting that the BBC have started using Delicious for programme notes, so maybe they might be a suitor.

Thinking I would play safe, I exported my bookmarks in simple .csv formats and started looking for alternatives. I've been using Wonderpage.com for a couple of months now. I quite like it, but its structure is a bit more formal, focusing on folders rather than tags.

A couple of weeks ago, Google launched a Delicious importer that, in one click, takes all your bookmarks from Delicious, along with the tags, descriptions, dates & other meta info and imports them into Google Bookmarks.

So now I have three bookmark systems. Confusing :(


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