The Olympics or the Airport?

Man stripped down to underpants, waiting to pass airport security
Hmmm, let's see...
  • Tickets from £20 to £2,000
  • Long queues
  • Officious security
  • A ban on liquids over 100ml
  • No items that could be used as an offensive weapon eg umbrella, tripod

Where shall I go next summer? The Olympics or the airport?

Well clearly I'll be made to feel welcome at neither, but, according to The Independent, the airport is looking the more attractive option.

At least at the airport I'll be allowed to wear clothing of my choice (clothing or other materials with non-Olympic partner logos or branding, is banned at the Olympics), and I'll be able to carry and use my mobile phone.

At the Formula 1 weekend in Valencia last summer I was amazed and angered at the contempt shown to racegoers, who despite forking out a small fortune to watch their beloved sport, are pushed, shoved, corralled and generally treated like scum with wallets to be exploited at every turn. I shan't forget the sneer I got from the security guy who took the cap off my water bottle and threw it in a bin so I wouldn't be able to keep the bottle in my bag (I'd have to drink it and/or buy some overpriced drink from their stands).

So Lord Coe, remember, if you treat your customers like shit, don't expect them to come back.

Oh, of course, I forgot. That's not your problem is it? The next Olympics will be 4 years away and in a different country, with a new pool of fans to exploit.


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