Is it me?

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Is it just me, or does anybody else get this problem?

Skype - a brilliant tool for communication, but it takes two!

How many times do I agree with somebody to meet up or keep in touch on skype, exchange usernames, find them in the skype directory and send them an invitation... only to be met with silence?

It happens all the time.

Do people not understand the skype invitation? It's not an invitation to open a video conversation right there & then. It's simply an invitation to link to each other.

If you want to use skype you BOTH have to send or accept an invitation.

Oh, and you have to actually open the program to use it (I'm talking to the colleague who has Skype, works online, and who I talk to every day..... down an ordinary expensive phone line, because she never switches skype on!).

... or maybe it's just me.


Abi said…
The problem with having skype on all the time is that then everyone calls you and no work gets done! At least that's the danger I ran into. Perhaps I should create two accounts: one for work and one for retired relatives and friends on maternity leave ;0)

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