Barclays update

Made the call. Got more apologies.

I don't really mind the apologies. At least they do it. In the old days companies never apologised. Maybe they thought it was an admission of guilt. Now it's the first thing they do. Which is fine, but not what I'm after.

Later the Personal Business Manager called to say that the online dept (in India?) had told him it was all set up, but he could now see himself that it wasn't. He says he'll fix it.

At the end of the day I got another call from a Barclays manager who was "following up a complaint I made". Every time you talk to them they ask you if you want to make a complaint. The first few times I didn't bother, then a few weeks ago I said ok. All the times after that I told them not to worry I'd already done it! I explained to this manager the history (again). She apologised and said she would oversee it.

Yeah right! I told her not to apologise, not to promise, just do it.

From now on, anybody from Barclays bank who does not give me a login name & password for my account is simply wasting my time.


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