Morons from Planet La La

Living in an internet world full of spam and viruses is something we all have to do. So why do so many people behave as if the script kiddies and spammers don't exist?

My anti-virus and anti-spam systems are up to date and pretty effective, but dodgy emails still get through.

They are pretty easy to spot: an unlikely-looking address/id. "Re" a subject you've never heard of. That sort of thing.

Why would anyone with half a brain - PR companies take note - send out a press release as an attachment to an email and nothing in the subject line? What do they imagine will happen when an email shows up in somebody's intray from '' with an unidentified attachment, and a blank subject line??

(If you're wondering, I'll tell you. I close down the preview mode so it doesn't trigger a virus payload, select and delete it. How often does that happen? Oh, 2/3 times a week.)

I'm mentioning it today because last week I bought £90 worth of gear online from an outdoor equipment warehouse. I got an email confirmation by return from the net bank, but nothing from the retailer.

It turns out they did send it, but surprise surprise.... an email "Re: order" from "newserver" never made it past my defences!

Morons from Planet La La!


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