Tarnished Image?

I'm not sure how long it's been going on (9 months / a year?) but most days I get emails 'returned' to me because they've been rejected by the recipient's security systems. They are 'undeliverable' either because there is no such person at that address or a virus has been detected. Usually it is one or two emails. Sometimes more, sometimes none. This morning I've had four.

As most people know, 'spoofing', is rife. Clearly script kiddies are sending out dozens of virus-laden or spam emails in our name (purporting to be from admin or somebody@travel-lists.co.uk). We are certainly not alone in suffering this curse. There's nothing to be done about it, and it's not worth bothering about.

But, what interests and irritates me is the way they seem to target victims in the same industry sector. Many/most of the recipients tend to be in the travel industry or media. The scum who send them are not using our own address books or anything. Many of the recipients are companies or organisations we've never dealt with or heard of. But they are targeting companies/organisations we could be likely to communicate with.

Although 'spoofing', like 'phishing', is a well-known computer phenomenon/irritant, I wonder what damage it actually does to our image. If I intercept a virus in an email from a company or organisation (as opposed to an individual hotmail/yahoo/aol/etc address) I assume it is not really from them.... but how many other people do?


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