Explore are exploring the blogosphere & the planet

Explore, or Explore Worldwide as they used to be, have always been a pioneering tour operator.

I think that spirit probably comes from their remarkable founder & MD, Travers Cox, (now sadly no longer with us) and Derek Moore their tireless Operations Manager, who from its launch in the eighties quickly turned it into one of the most successful and inspirational tour operators in the UK...and most comprehensive. I remember sitting down with Travers one time in the early nineties and trying to think of destinations they didn't have in their programme, which in that year featured something like 160 countries.

These days they have a a dedicated family adventure programme, which for 2005/6 they have doubled in size to 32 adventure trips. These include the chance for families to meet Borneo's orang utans; go on safari in Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia or South Africa; sleep under the stars on a Greek yacht; go cycling, canoeing, walking or fishing around the lakes & mountains of Macedonia, Slovenia or the Pyranees; explore the wonders of Egypt; or go dog sledding in Sweden; or watch the Aurora Borealis in Iceland. Magical, life-changing holidays for kids!

And I've just found the blog that one of their staff, Tanya Durkin, is writing as she accompanies five families on the current tour of Borneo. It's a great way to draw people... customers... into what they are doing.

Well done Explore!


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