How could Barclays Bank be SO inefficient?

It seems a bit silly that an online business like Travel-Lists should have a bank account that is not online - especially since most of our income is paid in electronically. It would be nice to be able to check that invoices have been paid, and maybe to pay some bills electronically.

That was my thought back in June. So I phoned the Barclays Business Banking Call Centre and asked if we could get online access to the business account we have had with them since Dec 1999.

"No problem. The registration paperwork should be with you in 7-10 day" said the nice woman.

Two weeks later I remembered it and called again. They were mystified but promised to send it straight away.

A week later I phoned again. Much mystification & apologies.

Another week goes by. This time I speak to a manager who will get it sorted. Many apologies. He gives me a reference number for the phone call. (Which I lose).

More days/weeks. More calls. This isn't vitally important. We've been managing without online banking for five years, but it is beginning to irritate now.

Last week I happened to go into my branch to pay in a cheque and saw somebody sitting at the business desk, so I asked him about it. He checked to see who my 'Personal Business Manager' was. It turned out it was him. He said he get it sorted.

This week I phoned the call centre again. More grovelling apologies and an attempt to call my business manager to see where it was held up. No luck. I was left with a promise that my business manager would call me.... yesterday.

I'm about to call the call centre again, but my heart really isn't in it anymore. I'll have to go through the same endless story again, listen to the same heartfelt apologies... for what?

All I want is a login to my account. If they can't do that, God help us if we need something important.

Dialling now. Wish me luck.


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