And Royal Caribbean...

Oops, been a busy week for cruise lines!

It turns out another cruise ship has bumped into something. This time it's the the turn of Royal Caribbean International's press office to get it right.

On Weds Grandeur of the Seas got it badly wrong and tore a gash in her hull while coming alongside in Mexico. We got a full 'bells & whistles' statement on their website very quickly...

  • Detail on what happened for the press (including the key 'who,where,what,why,when' info on where the ship had been, where it was, where it was going, how many were aboard, etc)
  • Reassurance on well-being and safety for concerned friends & relatives.
  • As much forward scheduling, alternative transport arrangements, compensation, and estimates of repair time for all those clients and travel agents with bookings on the next cruises.

Again, a perfect example of how it should be done. Well done RCI.


Anonymous said…
The last line of your story states "well done RC" Perhaps you should have been on the April 23 cruise after the accident and maybe the "well done" comment would be different. An on board credit of only $300 was given for 2+ days of a missed cruise. Thats not even close to what RC owes their customers for their mistake. RC customer service was the pits concerning this mishap. I will never cruise RC again, and I recommend the same for anyone considering choosing them.

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