Times Online restructure their travel pages

My heart sank when I opened Travel section of the The Times yesterday and read the intro column by their Online Travel editor, Steve Keenan (good bloke, Steve. He helped me out once by covering for me on Travel News Organisation site which I used to run before Travel-Lists).

He's spent the last six months re-organising the Times Online Travel section (www.travel.timesonline.co.uk) into a comprehensive travel information resource. I thought for a minute he/they were straying into direct competition with me by creating a directory - with their resources, a battle I could never even begin to win.

But I'm off the hook. He has structured their back-catalog of travel articles (over 1,000 of them) into a searchable database of travel information. It is an excellent resource but thankfully it doesn't do what I do - attempt to give readers a definitive/comprehensive list of operators and agents who cover specific destinations or types of holiday.

In his column, Steve does point out what I've been talking about for the past seven years, that the volume of online travel research is enormous - second only to sex. "One million travel pages will be read on Times Online this month" is his headline.

Iknow! Iknow! That's what I've been banging on about all this time; for every person who books travel online (endless reports/stats about how this figure keeps going through the roof) there are are at least eight trying to research it!

In fact, since with absolutely no marketing budget I clock 67,000 page views a month, I'd say their 1m estimate is a little low!


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