PR latency in action

Here's classic example of online PR latency... and surprisingly it's an airline.

The weekend before last U.S. authorities turned back a KLM jumbo jet flying from Amsterdam to Mexico City because it was routed through U.S. airspace and the Dept of Homeland Security identified two 'no fly' names on the passenger list.

It was an expensive incident (see Simon Calder's column in the Independent newspaper) and you would expect KLM to have published their thoughts on the matter.

However, if you look at the media page on KLM's website today (21st April) you'll find the most up-to-date press release was posted on 7th February
(reporting their monthly traffic figures for Jan).

Clearly their "Press Releases" are in fact "Shareholder Newletters". So KLM are making two mistakes here: 1) they are not using their website for media communications 2) they are not keeping their shareholders up-to-date.


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