Good job they makes planes not websites

The golden rule of emails is: never fire one off in anger. But I've just broken it.

I've just left a message on the Airbus Media mini-site telling them just how useless they are and told them that if they want to see how to run a media section to look at!

I probably shouldn't have done it and I expect I'll wind up having eat humble pie, but I'm just so irritated that it's a Sunday and the word is the giant A380 will be making its first test flight within days... but the media section has no information or updates on the A380 since the January 'reveal'.

I knew the test flight was almost upon us. That's why I registered on the media section a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised then that I could find absolutely no up-to-date information anywhere on the media site or the main airbus site about the A380.

I don't want a seat at the event, I don't even want a 'first division press' relationship with the Airbus press office, I just want to be able to write a short paragraph about the fact that the historic event is almost upon us.

Oh well, I'll probably be able to find out what's planned when Malcolm Ginsberg dispatches his weekly aviation newsletter this evening. The other good aviation source is the forum on, but I let my subscription lapse a few weeks ago and I haven't decided whether it's worth paying the annual $55


warzabidul said…
What's interesting is that a recent article by Wired says that France is the top European country for blogging.

In other words it would be good for them to write more about it, then again leaving the suspense is also interesting.

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