Policy change

Time for a change of policy on this blog.

I've been mulling over something I read on Jeremy Pepper's blog several days ago; his advice on serious blogging. Or rather, his 'ABT' rule. Always Be Transparent.

When I set this blog up, it was just somewhere where I could let off steam or refine ideas - useful when you are working online and there isn't a suitable forum to engage with - and by keeping my identity anonymous & not allowing comments, I could be more relaxed about what I said.

The downside is, if I wanted to maintain anonymity, I couldn't really talk specifically about what I do... which sort of defeats the object!

So I've decided to 'come out'.

(I've also started removing a couple of posts that I was more comfortable about when I was anonymous!)


Jeremy said…
Well, I was using ABT to make a point - that a lot of PR bloggers and blogging consultants claim that mantra, but aren't being transparent themselves.

There is a need for anonymity, as well as the need for transparency. But, if it's between keeping one's livelihood and keep blogging without full transparency, I rather see and read anonymous blogs.

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