Shameless plug for my hosting company

Received this month's newsletter from Hostway this morning. It had an item about a survey they've done in the USA about blogging.

I fired off an email to the Editor - who doubles as Hostway UK's marketing manager - asking when he was going to start his own Hostway blog, and had a nice exchange of emails which started off with him asking what's new with Travel Lists .

I must say it's one of the things I like about Hostway... it's a big international company with tens of thousands of clients but at local level it remains small & personal. Like everybody else, they are not perfect but when something goes wrong (IE my site goes down. Doesn't happen often.) I phone the support team (in Germany I think), and usually get hold of Chris... who knows me and my site.

By contrast my ISP, Blueyonder, (who provide a brilliant and mostly reliable service) are big, impersonal and efficiently clinical. Technical Support starts with a low-level operator who starts with all basic 'reboot, CPconfig & ping' options and if they can't tick you off their checklist they pass you up the line to someone more senior. It is undoubtably efficient but I'll leave you to guess which company you are more likely to want to shout at when it goes wrong!


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